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John Fleming has been a practicing professional planner in Canada for 35 years and was the Managing Director of Planning and Chief Planner for the City of London for a decade. He was the key author of the London Plan, which brought a host of new and innovative approaches to planning and city-building on the Canadian landscape. The new Plan includes an entire chapter devoted to arts and culture, which is somewhat unique for an Official Plan in Canada. He has a long history of work on planning subjects such as Downtown regeneration, heritage planning, urban agriculture, smart city planning, natural heritage conservation, planning for climate change, community economic development, housing and many more. He is now teaching in the Urban Development Program at Western University, is engaged in research at Western’s Human Environments Analysis Laboratory and is the founder and Principal of City Planning Solutions, a city-building and planning consulting firm in London, Ontario. His heart is tied to the most urban parts of cities, where he believes their heritage, energy, culture and unique identity creates a city’s calling card to the world.


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