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Hi I’m Richard Gracious and I like everything there is to do with records. When I’m not listening to them I enjoy creating them myself or with artists in my community that trust me enough to be a part of their creative process. Whether it be working out of my home studio creating demos, making notes on test pressings or writing songs in my living room I enjoy all the stages that go into creating a time capsule of a moment that we can press into a thin, flat, piece of plastic that we call a vinyl record that can be shared and enjoyed with thousands of people. This is why I started my own DIY label called Forest City Records that works with local artists to create and distribute art in my hometown of London, Ontario. When I’m not working on records my number one place to be is playing on stage and touring as part of Wolf Saga; an indigenous fronted electro pop group that enjoys getting people dancing, and bringing an exciting show to as many stages as possible.

Because being an touring musician doesn’t pay the bills, especially during a global pandemic, I also work for CBC London as a board operator and associate producer creating playlist for the morning show and hosting my own musical segment “In The Mix”. My background as a music educator, entrepreneur and past employment with the London Arts Council as an artist in-residence has informed my knowledge in the granting side of the arts world and working intimately with artist relations.


Good Things Grow In Ontario! (Panel)

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