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Brighter Futures With Music Education

TIME: 12:45 PM

LOCATION: RBC Place • 300 York St. • London, ON

Music plays a critical role in driving societal change and is known as the universal language that is enjoyed across all class and culture. This panel explores how music education can be introduced at all age levels to strengthen a community and remove barriers. While music education is an important advancement tool, how are we building music friendly communities where all citizens thrive? Can music education also be used to strengthen a climate for entrepreneurs? This panel will explore how communities can be both music/musician friendly and support sustainable development with music education.


  • picture of Michael Kim

    Michael Kim

    Dean & Full Professor, Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western University
  • picture of Gianna Antonacci

    Gianna Antonacci

    Programs Manager, Canada’s Music Incubator
  • picture of Dr. Rob Carver

    Dr. Rob Carver

    Associate Dean, School of Contemporary Media at Fanshawe College
  • picture of Eleanor Gebrou

    Eleanor Gebrou

    Project Coordinator, CityStudio & Musician
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